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My younger brother was recently promoted to Sargent First Class (E7), highest level any member of my family has reached within the armed forces. I’m extremely proud of him. I think of the talks we’ve had as men, and not just as older and younger brother. I’ve asked him how I can protect my family, my home, etc. It seems he has now become the one that’s cool. He once told my mother that he loved having an older brother. He always has this situational-awareness mindset. Scanning the room he enters, checking who enters the room, etc. He’s tremendously cool and someone that I wish I was more like.

He talks about his brothers and sisters in the military as family. So, in a way, my younger brother has adopted these individuals as family, so I see them as family. They have one another’s backs. I wonder where this is at in the body of Christ...

This close relationship where you’d run into a hail of bullets for the person next to you. Again, I admire my younger brother. Look at the issues we face as men who follow Jesus Christ. Relationship issues, financial trouble, sexual integrity, etc., are areas that we fail in. AND, we don’t share these failures with other men. Why? –Personally speaking; because I’m prideful, and I want the guys to see me as successful. BUT, Jesus told us so many times that we need each other. Paul shared all the “one another” things we’re supposed to be doing (e.g. Cast your burdens on one another). AND yet, we don’t share.

Men from various contexts are falling because they had no one to be “above board” with. Government offices, business world, church leadership, etc.; no context is free, men are failing all over the place.

In the beginning of the movie Act of Valor, the Seal team is standing around a fire, and LT RORKE says: “It’s like Chief and I said, right at the beginning of this platoon. Once we step off on campaign, once this bird is ready and we’re down range everything back home needs to be in balance. We’re not going to be worth a damn to ourselves or each other if we get over there and somethings out a whack. If things aren’t right with the family, if things aren’t right with the finances, if somethings off it’s going to put us all out of balance. We need to have that tight before we launch. Somebody has an issue, bring it up. Chief can take care of it, I can take care of it; everybody’s got each other’s back. Let’s make sure we lock that down so when we’re ready to roll, all of our focus is on the mission.”

Guys, we need to start bringing the “issues” up with each other. If you don’t have a safe person to share with, find one. It’s not a coincidence that you’re connected to certain people. I believe Creator in His infinite wisdom has placed safe men around you to share with. It seems like we’ve never had so many things to be stressed about nowadays. News and social media are inundating us with bad news. And we choose to medicate by purchasing something, yelling at someone, or “looking at a woman with lustful intent.” –By the way, lust can happen on a first look guys! AND, you don’t need a computer, phone, or technology to do it. We need each other.

Struggling with porn? Tell safe guy about it. This type of “having one another’s back” costs; time and energy are required to do it well. Are you willing to lay down your life for another Christian brother?

Crazy horse used to shout, “HOKA HEY” when he charged into battle. Some believe HOKA HEY means: “Wait, there’s more.” “Stand fast, there’s more.” “It’s a good day to die.” I like the last one. It reminds me of the tremendous accountability I have as a follower/disciple of Jesus. I’m to love my brother in Christ, and in doing so, the world sees that I’m a disciple of Jesus. So men: “HOKA HEY! It is a good day to lay down our lives for the men around us.” -John 15:13



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