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Pride is the Most Serious of Sins

Posted by Pastor Greg Carr on

OK, I am going to be painfully blunt… I have a pride issue, you have a pride issue, we all have a pride issue. And men, guess what? We have a bigger pride issue than the women do!

Pride is the most serious, and the most subtle of sins. Most people do not even recognize pride as existing.

The truth is pride does exist and pride is the root of all sin.  Proverbs 11:2

Pride causes us to turn away from God instead of turning to Him. All disobedience has pride as its root. All rebellion has pride behind it. All mistreatment of other people is caused by pride. We see it all too often when someone puts their own self and their own feelings above the other person and their feelings.

Pride was the first sin committed in the history of the world. It was the original sin of Lucifer which caused him to rebel from God and it was also the root of the original sin committed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Pride twists our perceptions of reality. It lies to us and says, “You don’t have a problem with pride, you are not being proud. You are better than everyone else.”

Pride keeps us in sin longer than any of us want to stay. One of the worse things pride does is it causes people to say, “I don’t need God, I am perfectly OK without Him in my life. I am happy without God.” I don’t know about you, but I have tried life without God and I have come to the conclusion that real happiness comes into my life when I am willing to humble myself and follow God’s will for my life. Sometimes the process is painful but the reward is true joy.

We need to deal with pride. We need to get pride out of our lives!

It's hard to humble yourself when you're stuck in pride. And it's hard to see the truth when you're lying to yourself. So, you're going to need help. The Lord says,

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it? I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings." Jeremiah 17:9-10 

So, what are we going to do?


1) The first thing we need to do is, we need to know who God is. If we don’t know who God is we will never be able to walk with Him, we will never be able to understand Him, we will never be able to worship Him and we will never be able to trust Him.

God is the creator of all things. He made everything including you and I. God is perfect in every way and we are not. God knows everything. He is the highest authority in the universe and He directs our paths.

2) We need to change the way we think. No longer do we need to think with a me-first attitude. We need to think Like God. When we get to know Him, we can think like Him and that means we put the needs of others first. 

3) We need to repent of our sin. The sin of pride and all the other sins that pride opens us up to. Think about it, what causes us to gossip? Pride. What keeps us from not lusting? Pride. What stops us from getting the help we need to stop getting drunk? Pride. We could go on and on. Pride is the root of all sin.

The hardest thing for a proud person to do is to admit that he or she is wrong. Are you prepared to do that? If so, give your type of pride a specific name (conceit, vanity, or whatever).Then pray the following prayer (or a similar one of your own making) in faith that God will forgive your sin and empower your obedience. (Insert the name of your particular type of pride or sin in the blanks.)

God, I know I have sinned by __________. I am sorry for the pain I have given to You and to the people around me. Please forgive me for my sin. Wash away all of the __________ from me. And by Your Spirit, give me the strength to sin no more in this area but instead to live in humility. In Christ’s name, amen.

If you have harmed others with your sin, then apologize to them. Seek reconciliation and offer restitution where appropriate.

4) Stand in the power of God through His Holy Spirit. God has power available for every believer to overcome the sin of pride that leads to all sin. We must stand in that power and flee temptation and flee sin. None of us can overcome our sins and shortcomings without God’s help. Even if we could by our own will alter our actions, only God can change our hearts. That is why Paul appealed to members of the church in Rome not to be “conformed to this world, but [to] be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:1-2 through the power of God’s Spirit.

If you are dealing with a pride issue, ask God to help, maybe He will send people into your life that will help. Let’s deal with it and embrace the adventure that is following Christ.


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