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Posted by Bob Greyeagle on

My younger brother was recently promoted to Sargent First Class (E7), highest level any member of my family has reached within the armed forces. I’m extremely proud of him. I think of the talks we’ve had as men, and not just as older and younger brother. I’ve asked him how...

Pride is the Most Serious of Sins

Posted by Pastor Greg Carr on

OK, I am going to be painfully blunt… I have a pride issue, you have a pride issue, we all have a pride issue. And men, guess what? We have a bigger pride issue than the women do! Pride is the most serious, and the most subtle of sins. Most people do not even recognize pride as...

The Dangers of Living With a Hard Heart

Posted by Pastor Greg Carr on

A person with a hard heart is often a person who has a lot of unresolved anger, a person who is not friendly, a person who blames others, a person who lashes out easily, a person who holds grudges and refuses to forgive. Eventually, people with hard hearts build walls up around themselves and...

When Shall I Do It?


I don’t have forever to get my act together. It’s easy to say that our days are numbered…heck it’s easy to offhandedly quote any scripture without it really changing you, but to meditate on it is when the truth sinks deep. I received that revelation when I read a story...

You are God’s Pumpkin

Posted by Debbie Carr on

Such a beautiful morning – cold and crisp outside! Autumn is here and soon to be gone – and I know this because Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere in retail stores. Halloween costumes and candy are selling out in stores as trick-or-treaters will soon be ringing our...

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