Sunday Service

Sunday Service

Every Sunday, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Prairie Family Church, 500 Remington Ave, Bismarck, ND US 58501

Join us for Worship

We invite you to join us for our services and enjoy the music, fellowship, the presence of God, and the teaching of His Word.

For the Kids

Children are invited up front every Sunday after praise & worship. They receive an activity bag and talk about the day’s sermon. For younger children, a self-serve nursery is provided.

Family-Model Service

You may notice something different during the primary worship service at PFC; children stay with the adults throughout the whole service. The reason we do this is simple, the facts are clear: Children who are trained in a fun-focused, entertainment-based model of church will find church exceedingly boring and unappealing when they get older. That is why we encourage the family to stay together in church, praising together, worshipping together, and learning together. 

Studies clearly show that most young people who disaffiliate with the church do so by the time they are sixteen years old. This means the church is not translating its faith to its children. And because of this, the Western church is in a crisis. The church is dying because it is not keeping the children in church when they become adults.

There are many demands in our modern culture to separate adults and children; the Family Model Church (FMC) demonstrates that it is of great value for children to learn to sit with their parents and other adults in church at as early an age as possible. Children in our day need an antidote to the mostly negative effects of peer pressure and the constant need to be entertained.

Children who are trained in a fun-focused, entertainment-based model of church will find church exceedingly boring and unappealing when they get older. If we have the children in the service they are going to see the adults listening to the sermons. Most children want to be like their parents so if their parents are listening, taking notes, and then taking these things home and discussing them with the whole family, we are being the church God desires.

The FMC is a non-traditional approach to church. It resembles more of a First Century approach than the current church models. The children always learned alongside the parents in the first-century church. Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”

We understand that some people may squirm at the idea of having children in the church service. They may argue that the children may be unruly; they may move around, they may be easily distracted by someone picking their nose or an invisible bug or brother so and so falling asleep. Some adults may be concerned about the children exhibiting their sinful nature during the message. If they do these things then they will fit right in with the rest of us!

We will not expect perfection out of the children or the adults, but we will use every opportunity we can to train our children how they should behave in public.

So please, don’t be surprised when you see the children sitting in the church service with their parents and if you see a parent who may have their hands full, ask them if you can help them out! Let’s be the church and let’s build the Kingdom of God together. 

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